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A familiar phrase amongst risk professionals but one with profound impact and implications upon most organisations.

Increased compliance regulations, security, risk and control have raised the level of corporate consciousness from “it will never happen” attitude to consider more appropriately a view of Risk Appetite, particularly among management teams.

From Government departments to the Board rooms of corporate business worldwide continually question and struggle with risk management in general, and specifically understanding and implementing meaningful strategies with regards to Risk Appetite.

Your organization could benefit from our services if any of the following situations or conditions exist:

  • Your executives and Board of Directors desire to know if the market in which you operate has changed sufficiently to affect internal or external forces so have a bearing on the ability to bear risk within the organisation.
  • You seemingly do not appear to have implemented an on-going consistent approach to analyse and discuss key risks that may exist within business units and/or other security, risk and control functions
  • You are experiencing a large number of potential claims and or incidents and need a consistent approach to handling and escalating as appropriate
  • Business units such as property or the in house legal department are accepting risks on behalf of the organization that should be outside their authority. A standardisation of processes combined with checks and balances would negate such damaging and costly outcome if appropriate measures are implemented.

Wilkes Management Services Ltd
has developed and rolled out successful insurance and risk financing programs for organizations of all sizes, but importantly have direct experience of being in your shoes as the Risk Manager in charge of the insurance and risk financing for clients of all sizes from to start-ups, governments, and charities.

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