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Insurance and Risk Financing

  • Need increased insurance coverage advice?
  • Considering alternative risk financing and transfer techniques?

Wilkes Management Services Ltd assists and or leads in developing and rollout of successful insurance and risk financing programs.

  • Is your insurance and risk financing program failing to get you the results you need?
  • Are you an Insurance or Risk Financing Professional requiring additional temporary support?
  • Struggling with how to co-ordinate an effective insurance and risk financing strategy?
  • Trying to determine what insurance to buy or how much and finding that you have a limited budget whilst seeking to ensure adequate protection? At what limits? With what deductibles?

Do you truly understand insurance and risk financing in your overall risk management plan? Experiencing an increase in the amount of claims and looking to better prevent or finance them?

Do you have a strategy in place to recover from insurers?

Need help with your self-insurance program or captive?

If you answer yes to the above then you could find it cost effective to utilise Wilkes Management Services Limited Associate as professional interim.

Measuring cost against consultancy or a brokerage house and even in-house expertise may save many work hours equating to substantial cash savings!

You Can Maximize Protection While Being Cost Effective

Insurance, risk and change management programs, when designed properly demonstrate a company or organised properly a business or public sector that is ready not only for the future but in case the unthinkable becomes reality.

How to Create a Successful Insurance and Risk Financing Program

Successful insurance and risk financing programs are able to do all of this through the most cost effective methods including innovative insurance programs, self-insurance, and/or captives.

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